Engineered, Bolted Stainless Steel Storage Tanks:

EGL Storage Tanks is a distributor of American Structures, Inc. stainless steel tanks. American Structures, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of bolted, stainless steel storage tanks and related products.  We can provide stainless steel tanks anywhere in the  United State and internationally.        

For over 37 years, American Structures, Inc. have been providing bolted, stainless steel storage tanks for potable and non-potable water, process, and dry storage applications in municipal, agricultural, industrial, and commercial sectors.  Bolted stainless steel tanks do not require coating and are fully recyclable, making them an environmentally-friendly choice for storage.  By using a stainless steel tank, you're guaranteed a maintenance-free storage facility and years of use.  In fact, bolted stainless steel tanks, designed to meet AWWA standards, have a product life expectancy in excess of 40 years or more.  For more information about our American Structures, Inc. product line, please give us a call, email us, or visit www.ameristruc.com


Pre-owned Glass Fused to Steel Tanks:

EGL Storage Tanks also offers pre-owned glass fused to steel and stainless steel tanks for your storage needs. 



Protective Coatings:

EGL Storage Tanks, through our affiliate American Structures, Inc., can provide Rhino Linings® Industrial Solutions, which provides world-class protective coatings and structural composites for commercial and industrial applications.  The Rhino® Industrial Division family of products offers a complete range of formulations specifically tailored to meet our clients' protection and specification needs.    

Rhino Linings® Corporation ("Rhino") has a global commercial, industrial, military, and retail network of over 2000 independently owned businesses, contractors, and applicators in more than 80 countries around the world.  With top-performing polymer formulations, state-of the-art application equipment and the quality hallmark of ISO 9001:2008 registration, Rhino continues to set the standard in the protective coatings industry.  For more information about our Rhino Linings® Industrial Protection and Coatings product line, please give us a call, email us, or visit www.rhinolinings.com                          



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